The Curious Case of Smile.jpg by JML

1/24/12 – Team Conclusion
After much research and team conversations involving Matt Valentine, We have concluded that the oldest traceable image tied to this story is in fact the original one with the smiling human looking teeth and the bloody fingerprints “” Everything else has been photoshoped manipulations/hybrids of this original. People constantly sending me what they believe is the “real” Smile.jpg. I plan to compose a new page of all the images I’ve received that people think are the real ones. Feel free to send what you think is “REAL.” As for this page, the original (or at least as far back as we could trace) is the strange image with the bloody finger prints on the Poloroid. This is our professional opinion, if there is such a thing regarding this subject. So what happened to me testing the photo? Well I’ve had numerous nightmares, but I’ve always had nightmares. I can’t recall if I’ve seen the grim Husky in my dreams. I’ve had many Alien nightmares. Maybe the Husky is a Star Gate to a ship full of Grey’s holding strange probes? Some self proclaimed mediums that have come into my house say I have brought spirits into it from past ghost hunts. All I can conclude is it is a very eerie intriguing photo. If you let it haunt you, it will gladly do so. Judge for yourselves with an open mind. Sincerely, ~Shad

8/15/11 – Freedom of Speech
You would be amazed at the amount of hate mail I get for leaving this article online. Let me set the record straight… No I am not trying to shape the minds of the youth or evoke fear with negative blasphemy. I was simply told a story and tested it out for myself. As a paranormal investigator, my team and I tread the waters of the unknown to uncover mysteries and separate the fiction from fact.

Just recently a young woman sent me an email pleading for me to take this story down. She claims her fiancé committed suicide by shooting himself in the face. She stated that he was obsessed with this story and had even gone so far as getting a tattoo of the Smile.jpg dog. As tragic as this is, I cannot be held responsible for the brash acts of others. I remember when Ozzy used to get blamed for suicides in the early 80’s. The religious community was up in arms claiming that Osbourne made them do this by slipping subliminal backward masked messages into his songs. This is absurd.

I will not be held responsible for the actions of others, and I will continue to practice my rights as an American under Article 19: The Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship.

7/3/09 – I received an email on July 3rd 2009 from my friend Matt Valentine simply asking: “Have you heard of smile.jpg?”

I replied to him with my honest answer which was: “No I haven’t…. sounds like a file? What is it?”

He then went on to tell me the story: “I just stumbled onto it last night. Apparently its an old image that no one knows where it came from or what its purpose is but it has a weird effect when people look at it. Its very hard to find and when it is found its usually deleted or replaced with a fake image in its place. It could be all in my head but it did make me feel weird like there was something behind the image looking back at me when i first saw it and i immediately had to close the window browser. Not that the images in the picture were scary but that the colors or patterns were having some hypnotic psychological effect on me. Well you should just be the judge for yourself. Below is a link to the story and the pic. Let me know what you think. -Matt G.

Since this email from Matt Valentine, I have researched this story and have downloaded the mysterious image to my hard drive as well. I’ve studied it for the past five days. I can tell you this… I’ve had very VIVID nightmares. The image does stick with you. I’ll catch myself thinking about it at random times throughout the day. Those of you who know me, know that I’ve always had nightmares. But this week has been different. They’ve felt more “real.” I’m not saying I’ve bought into this story, but I will say… it’s a bit ironic. Choose for yourselves. At the bottom of this letter there is a link for you to download the original Now here’s the story of Mary. This image is said to have completely ruined her life. ~Shad

The Curious Case of Smile.jpg by JML
I first met in person with Mary E. in the summer of 2007. I had arranged with her husband of fifteen years, Terence, to see her for an interview. Mary had initially agreed, since I was not a newsman but rather an amateur writer gathering information for a few early college assignments and, if all went according to plan, some pieces of fiction. We scheduled the interview for a particular weekend when I was in Chicago on unrelated business, but at the last moment Mary changed her mind and locked herself in the couple’s bedroom, refusing to meet with me. For half an hour I sat with Terence as we camped outside the bedroom door, I listening and taking notes while he attempted fruitlessly to calm his wife. The things Mary said made little sense but fit with the pattern I was expecting: though I could not see her, I could tell from her voice that she was crying, and more often than not her objections to speaking with me centered around an incoherent diatribe on her dreams — her nightmares. Terence apologized profusely when we ceased the exercise, and I did my best to take it in stride; recall that I wasn’t a reporter in search of a story, but merely a curious young man in search of information. Besides, I thought at the time, I could perhaps find another, similar case if I put my mind and resources to it.

Mary E. was the sysop for a small Chicago-based Bulletin Board System in 1992 when she first encountered smile.jpg and her life changed forever. She and Terence had been married for only five months. Mary was one of an estimated 400 people who saw the image when it was posted as a hyperlink on the BBS, though she is the only one who has spoken openly about the experience. The rest have remained anonymous, or are perhaps dead. In 2005, when I was only in tenth grade, smile.jpg was first brought to my attention by my burgeoning interest in web-based phenomena; Mary was the most often cited victim of what is sometimes referred to as “,” the being smile.jpg is reputed to display. What caught my interest (other than the obvious macabre elements of the cyber-legend and my proclivity toward such things) was the sheer lack of information, usually to the point that people don’t believe it even exists other than as a rumor or hoax.

It is unique because, though the entire phenomenon centers on a picture file, that file is nowhere to be found on the internet; certainly many photomanipulated simulacra litter the web, showing up with the most frequency on sites such as the imageboard 4chan, particularly the /x/-focused paranormal subboard. It is suspected these are fakes because they do not have the effect the true smile.jpg is believed to have, namely sudden onset temporal lobe epilepsy and acute anxiety. This purported reaction in the viewer is one of the reasons the phantom-like smile.jpg is regarded with such disdain, since it is patently absurd, though depending on whom you ask the reluctance to acknowledge smile.jpg’s existence might be just as much out of fear as it is out of disbelief.

Neither smile.jpg nor is mentioned anywhere on Wikipedia, though the website features articles on such other, perhaps more scandalous shocksites as ****** (hello.jpg) or 2girls1cup; any attempt to create a page pertaining to smile.jpg is summarily deleted by any of the encyclopedia’s many admins.

Encounters with smile.jpg are the stuff of internet legend. Mary E.’s story is not unique; there are unverified rumors of smile.jpg showing up in the early days of Usenet and even one persistent tale that in 2002 a hacker flooded the forums of humor and satire website Something Awful with a deluge of pictures, rendering almost half the forum’s users at the time epileptic. It is also said that in the mid-to-late 90s that smile.jpg circulated on usenet and as an attachment of a chain email with the subject line “SMILE!! GOD LOVES YOU!” Yet despite the huge exposure these stunts would generate, there are very few people who admit to having experienced any of them and no trace of the file or any link has ever been discovered.

Those who claim to have seen smile.jpg often weakly joke that they were far too busy to save a copy of the picture to their hard drive. However, all alleged victims offer the same description of the photo: A dog-like creature (usually described as appearing similar to a Siberian husky), illuminated by the flash of the camera, sits in a dim room, the only background detail that is visible being a human hand extending from the darkness near the left side of the frame. The hand is empty, but is usually described as “beckoning.” Of course, most attention is given to the dog (or dog-creature, as some victims are more certain than others about what they claim to have seen). The muzzle of the beast is reputedly split in a wide grin, revealing two rows of very white, very straight, very sharp, very human-looking teeth.
What Aether Paranormal and Matt Valentine believe is the oldest traceable photo associated with this story.

Feel free to to test the authenticity of this story out for yourselves. Simply download this image to your hard drive. As a paranormal researcher I have already done so myself. Simply click this link and the download will begin immediately.

Download “” (File Size: 80Kb)

Journal log: 4/30/2010 1:42am
I was having a tough time sleeping tonight and decided to study the photo a bit more. I took it into photoshop and enhanced it and found a very interesting artifact above the “beckoning hand.” It appears to say “PO:” I really don’t understand what this could mean. This photo is full of mystery. I aim to keep digging deeper and get to the bottom of this story. ~Shad

Dakota hafely says:

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Dakota hafely says:

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I am a cookiefreak says:

(I’m sorry for this miserable English… :’D)
My “friends” said, I must look of this picture and I have my worst nightmare ever. OK, I have look and see this cute dog with his big grin and no I haven’t a nightmare of this dog and I not dreamed about this dog.
The story to this picture is very impressed. But when it is the original, why I haven’t nightmares from this cute dog. (Nightmares from a cute dog…-.-) And I like this picture.
Bye then!

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PO is a sympol polonium, so that would be my guess. Although there other things it could stand for like ‘poor’.

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I meant ‘3 ways to calm down after reading or watching Creepypasta’. It tells you how to get rid of your fears.

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‘3 ways to calm down after reading or Creepypasta’
(It is all there)

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Smile, it’s not the end (yet)

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BTW liked the post

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Yasar says:

Damn thats creepy… i think its a lot psycological, but still!

anyways, could not sleep in peace and hates those eyes :)

smiledog says:


Dana says:

I just heard about this last night. I am fairly fearless and this story seemed like a typical urban legend. I looked at the picture and I am happy to report, No Nightmares! But I will say that my eyes have not been the same since viewing it. It is almost as though I looked at the sun and my eyes feel very sensitive and sore. Maybe there is something to the pic-Some sort of mind control trick that affects some of us differently?

Walker says:

There is a lot of talk about it saying “PO” in the photo above the bloody hand print. However, looking at it properly I think they are two (maybe three) picture frames sitting in the window. Is there any possible way we could see what are on the pictures ? I am not too familiar with the use of Photoshop etc.

Ami says:

I really don’t know what to think of all this. I read the creepypasta, and honestly I am intrigued by it. But I dunno if I can believe any of the stuff written above without solid proof. A picture on a blog technically is not good enough proof, so as much as I love the creepypasta, and this story it is really good, I’m gonna call bs on it. Sorry

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Superb post. As soon as I noticed this web site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

Michael says:

Mayhap I’m just morbid but I find the dog to be cute. Of course I’m a dog person and a dog could pretty much bite my arm off and I’d still find it to be cute.
I’ll report back if I have any of the nightmares. It’s unlikely though as I don’t have many nightmares.
An interesting tale, but there are many holes in your story.

ben10 says:

Hey there! Nice stuff, please maintain me posted when you post something like this!

Oscar Wilson says:

If anyone is interested about checking out my website about smile.jpg it is I do my experiences and info about smile.jpg

Oscar Wilson says:

The picture of the smiling dog is beleived or thought to be a picture of the devil/Satan. There are seven images “claiming” to be real, The most popular of the images is the “red” one but being the creepypasta explains the creature to be a husky and not a mutation or just all in all not husky it is cancelled as well as the latest image claiming to be real so that would leave five images that have a chance of being real but the one which looks a little wierd the husky with white and grey fur is not real as I have found an extremely simular image of a husky in a room that is identical to the white and grey husky. I know more about the phonomenon and might also do a youtube video about it if I have enough subscribers to be bothered (my channel name is Specogrunt2) and also if you want any information about Smile.jpg then just email me (my email is also if you are not familiar with the “white and grey husky” then again just email me and I shall attach it to an email. (Im just spreading the word) an also mabye it being sopposively satan it might just want to be feared it wants people to “Spread the word” of this devil/satan’s existence it wants you to know that this creature haunts and wants you to SPREAD THE WORD it wants the world to have spread the knowledge of its existence this creature wants you to know that its there… Its always there

Romie says:

You cant see the other 2 letters but the word is POST Smile wants to be POSTED. It makes sense.

Billy Shipman says:

Smile, IT is coming, IT will not be disobeyed, spread the word or IT will come for you. IT is every picture of SMILE.JPG, THEY grow in strength as another person is enfolded into THEIR mainframe, no way to kill IT, but you can kill THEM together.

You Have Been Warned

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... says:

This is a very interesting topic. I have started my research on Smile.jpg and rarely found much but this may help make peace of the recent nightmare’s my roommate has be having.He always said its a really creepy dog that smiled as such he always told me that in order for it to end was to spread the word.And now i understand

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suckfest666 says:

The version with the oversized pig head photoshopped into a husky face mask is creepier

Fireblaze101 says:

It is a psychological thing. You have been told you will see it in your dreams, therefore you think it will happen

Darkness says:

LOL–I love the fake stories everyone makes on this, they honestly think its going to scare us. Like that Susan P–Haha! So stupid. Why would you be on a website if you required genuine help? Anyway, Mr Doggy is now my Desktop wallpaper, we’re already firm friends.

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Xbox: foreign stamina says:

Ummm… I just viewed this, and I want to say,
You people are scared by a image? It’s all mental, you think it will haunt you, and the fear is Mali g you imagine things, in your sleep. Just know that it is a cities of a dog, in a room with its owner playing with it on the floor :) btw, this is probably what happens when you think I this image and take hallucinogenic drugs at the same time

Who says:

These eyes…not even human nor dog

Freak says:

Susan P.

You can share the image and perhaps the dog will leave.

Ernesto Ramirez says:

Well, looking good image of the bloody hand, does not really say “Po” is really saying “BFo” which means refer male best friend.

Xgogxpiano says:

Nice story bro now that it can’t leave my mind of
That damn dog but tell me something I don’t know

Lacie of the abyss says:

Yesterday night, I dreamed about Smile… okay my dreams are creepy but… In my dream,

I killed a pregnant women, by stabbing her in the stomach and also killing her unborn baby (and I was enjoying it) and then, a boy aroud 20-23 years old killed a dear friend of me
(but I didn’t knew that person in reality) and began running and laughing around, taunting me. I finally began to chase him trying to stab him with my cissors and that boy transformed into a laughing brownish-red huge dog (yep, smile !) I was still chasing it and I finally hitted him with an iron pipe (first cissors, and then a pipe, I’ts a dream you know …) the dog fell on the ground still laughing so I finished him by hitting him with the pipe. He stopped moving but I knew he wasn’t dead, so I went in front of him to see if he was still breathing. he wasn’t ,his eyes still open were staring next to me, I went closer to Smile’s face, and then he looked right into my eyes and whispered, smirking, ”hello babe”. after that the dream was different, still crazy but different….
i’m just 14 years old

Pineapple says:

this shit is fuuuuccckkeeddddd up !

broseph says:

Ilooked up the smile dog on google images and so many different pictures came up but had the same dog pulling evil faces. I was so fucking scared that i mmediately wrote in the search 1966 Cadillac Deville to get the evil dog off my computer screen. In the end it was worth it because of that evil dog I got some great pictures of RatRods and HotRods

may they burn says:

I’ve been looking for the real pic for a while now as I have plans to give it to people I don’t like. I downloaded the image and gave it to a bitch at my school…she’s acting weird and has bags under her eyes. I’ve decided to continue, eventually going for 1D, who I have wanted to get rid of for ages. this may just be the way…

broseph says:

I also want to say that I’ve got it saved in a breifcase on my school laptop called Smile Dog and Black Shuck. I plan to mak a background theme for windows 7 but after hearing about it i decided to make one regarding Dead Space and Midnight Club LA. this shit is fucked up and i only found out about it because the Stalker on Dead Space 2 looks almost identical to it

broseph says:

I used to suffer from a disease that makes me unconcious for atleast 12 hours. the medical term is called sleep. Dead Space cured that for a little while. But then it came back. Because of this pic i can’t feel any symptoms coming on so I’m cured again

broseph says:

After i First looked at this picture i had a dream that i was standing in front of my house waiting for a Freight train or passenger train or whatever it was to go past. After it was gone i saw my brother-in-laws Husky on the other side of the tracks. So i called out “Shylah, Shylah where did you come from” she then looked up at me smiled like this dog then lunged at me just as it cut out. after that i kept having dreams i was driving my car on Midnight club LA and kept getting sightings of this dog on the highway as it tried to attack my car. so i have to say if you like supernatural stuff but scare easily this will give you a massive mindfuck

Void Constantine says:

first time reading about this. i’ve looked at quite a few images and must say i nearly shat my pants. though i’m okay now, that picture gave me some serious anxiety!

Thomas Pedrotty says:

Spread the word now!

Thomas Pedrotty says:

I know my friend has had this ” dream” before he got murdered at night but before he died at school he tolled me about smile dog

Colin.c says:

Wow this is the oat freakiest thing I ever seen of u look close to the hand it looks like it says PO2376 maybe a p.o box or it is location or zip code I don’t know but it is freaky as fuck

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ashley says:

it only toment u if u get the cd

i didnt dream of it

shanholtz says:

THE ILLUMINATI WILL FAIL! 33rd Degree Freemasons Worship biblical Satan :( Bohemian Grove Exposed!!! Who Is The Anti-Christ?

Cazzy says:

Like Pinkie Pie SaysL Giggle at the Ghosties! X3 I ain’t scared of no picture!

Gun_Gray_Wolf says:

It doesn’t say PO. It says DOG. That’s a warped D. Not a P. And there is a very obscure G hidden at the end. Look long enough. You’ll see. Actually, the creepiest image I have ever seen of is this:
Those eyes haunt me. They look so real. Everytime I turn around, I feel like it’s watching.

Should i grow up a way from purchasing video games and start purchase other things?

creeperguy123 says:

i think i am slightly more freaked out by the other version, the red one. but when i see the dog my heart goes all wierd for a second. but no need to be all that scared ITS A CREEPYPASTA

Raven says:

Like most people, I find the story behind this creepy image extremely fascinating. Upon my searches through the internet I stumbled across what I think is the original to the picture above, before it was photoshopped.

Just thought I’d share.

In the great pattern of things you receive an A with regard to effort and hard work. Exactly where you confused me was first in the facts. As they say, the devil is in the details… And it couldn’t be much more accurate in this article. Having said that, let me tell you what exactly did deliver the results. Your article (parts of it) can be very convincing and that is probably why I am taking the effort in order to opine. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Secondly, despite the fact that I can see a leaps in logic you make, I am not sure of how you seem to connect the details which in turn make the conclusion. For the moment I shall yield to your position but wish in the future you connect the facts better.

Smile.Dog says:

Pass it On!

smile says:

Smile. You Know It’s Good For You.
My Face Shall Haunt Your Nightmares.
Spread The Word.
When Darkness Falls, I Shall Come.
Spread The Word.
My Jaws Will Spread, My Grin Will Widen.
I Can Taste Your Fear.
Spread The Word.

… And Spread The Word…

AJ says:

Dude, this fucking dog is messing with my life. I shit you not, I have now developed an acute case of paranoia, and… just like the legend goes… never-ceasing dreams of smiledog. I wish it would end. I thought it was some dumb internet rumor. I was dead wrong.

Megan says:

Ugh, even if the legend is fake, it’s still a damn creepy pic.

abbott says:

my partner is epileptic, downloaaded aaand studied the pic, nothing happened…….that was over 48 hrs ago. :)

It says:

Can’t take it any longer. Must end.

Poteet says:

In all my 13 years of life i have actually seen creepier but truth is this is the first time i have had pshycological issues… I am somehow different from other people i dont know what it is but it leaves my therapist baffled my iq is 135 [albert eistein had a 140 but Anyways thats off topic this image has that doctors effect foor instance if you fear a shot or anything of that sort its going to be way worse than it really has to be if you thInk about how scary this dog is for too long you start to over think it and you jump to conclusions ( probably the worst thing you can do at a time like that) and the only real way technology can get inside your head is either dubstep(just kidding) or radioactive frequencies your body can sense them with a slight feeling of uneasiness or paranoia its only because you havent usually been exposed to anything this creepy you only notice this picture sticks to you well is because its different from what you have ever been exposed to either that or you are just starved for attention

Dillan says:

Well i have found the infared version, which i think is the one that is meant to freak you out…

It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

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Happy husky says:

Call me pyscho but, I love this picture. It amuses me to show this picture to my friends and watching them whimper in fear. I even gave him a nick name: “Happy Husky.” I never had a nightmare of this ‘dog’. Anyways, the reason in here is to help out the prople who are complety terrified of this husky. First off, look at the picture in a crowded area, its good to have company when your facing your fears. Next, make little memes of it, for example: ” I’m a husky smiling, deal with it.” Then, maybe you can show it to your friends. Then, maybe try to “worship” it. “How do I worship it?” you ask, make little pictures of him, comics, storys, ext. Maybe put it as your desktop picture, that should conquer your fear. Today, im like Smile.jpg biggest fan, I still laugh in amusement as I send this picture to random people in the internet. If I ever seen this dog in a pound, I would adopt it… :)

Susan P. says:

Please, you must help me. Anyone, please. My daughter, only 8 years old, needs help. I would love to get right to it and say why, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain.

when my daughter, Clair, was five, her father left the family, being an only child and young it tore her apart. I tried to do the best I could for her, but I just couldn’t cheer her up. Her father was a beautiful and happy man, to this day I still have no idea why he left us. But I’m getting off track. Naturally like any mother would, I got her a therapist. She slowly became more happy, and was not as gloomy. She continued to get better over the three years.

Once we have been doing this for the three years, the therapist has been acting weird, he always seemed dense and sweaty. Very suspicious considering he seemed like a normal guy when I first signed my daughter up. I ignored it and continued to send my daughter to him. Though that seemed to be a mistake.

One day, the last day I let her go to the therapist, I picked her up and she was hysteric, I could barley see her face through her tears and messy hair. When I asked what happened, the therapist shook his head and said sorry for something, then left like he was in a hurry.

I took my daughter home and calmed her down, and once she seemed secure, I asked her what happened. Clair looked up at me and told me that he made her look at the, “happy puppy”. She began to cry again, so I left her alone and stopped asking about it.

That night, she woke up around 3AM, which is odd because she is a very heavy sleeper. I came in to help her, and she screamed at me that the “puppy will not leave me alone”. She continued to repeat this over and over, and it took me almost four hours or so to make her stop.

Now angry that my child was going through such feelings of horror, I tried to contact the therapist the next day in hopes of getting an answer, only to find out that he had quite his job that day. Having nowhere to go, I went here, to the internet and began to research. I found out about, and looked into it.

I was looking through the pictures and articles of information when Clair came in and looked at what I was doing, I had no idea she was there in the room with me. I had multiple pictures of the up, testing my reaction. I admit that they were a bit scary, but nothing gave me the effect that people said “the original” would. Clair saw these, and immediately collapsed and began crying. She said something along the lines off, “No mommy, don’t look at it! Stop it! You don’t have to! NO!”

I began to worry and came a bit paranoid, what was this doing to her? Had she seen the original? I have a theory that the therapist had somehow gotten a hold of the original, and if this passage above is true, felt the need to pass it on. But how could some one be as heartless to show it to an 8 year old girl?

Anyway, I’m in need of help, and this is the first place I have came. She still says that every night the “happy puppy” visits her and yells at her while she is sleeping. I just want it to stop, dose anyone know how to end this?

And no, I have not downloaded the picture to my hard drive, I fear what would happen.

DOYLE says:

i enjoy sourmath

MPB says:

Some posters on the Internet claim that the real smile.jpg is not of a dog at all, but of some unknown creature. I don’t know if there’s any truth to it, but none of the images circulating around have had the slightest effect on me.

Connie&Syd says:

Original reaction= chills.. Eerie feelings. Not much else.
With further observation, Connie and I both agree that this image appears fake, and manipulated. It looks like someone took a picture of a husky with flash on, so that explains the white eyes and small black pupils & the red tint. The hand, etc.. Was most likely added later, same with the human-like teeth. As for the speculations of nightmares and paranoia, we believe it is a psychological thing. Think of it this way, you read the article about the happenings once you see this image will initially freak you out anyways, without seeing the picture. Then once you are about to go to bed, the paranoia will then set in, for you will be wondering and hoping you wont be seeing in your dreams; then because you are over-thinking it, and it is on your mind, then you’ll dream it. This is just a theory though……

person says:

Wow spider thats acull pretty weird i really want to know what happened to youre tounge is it stil black with a furry apperance?

John says:

But who was phone?

Emergency says:

The original Smile.jpg had appeared recently on a Moldovan forum. It’s currently deleted because of the panic it had caused

Anonymous says:

I have done some looking into on regards of this picture. I am here to offer some kind of and theory to what the mystery letters P and O. The O is sitting on what looks to be a window and i would say closely resembles a picture of something or somebody. The P is a bit trickier looking I would have to guess its a bigger picture or maybe a pamphlet or something of that nature. What really intrests me more than those to things is what looks to be a vase or glass next to the O, though after a little more looking i think the vase object more resembles a tiny pouch of something. Just some of my thoughts.

Anonymous says:

I have done some looking into on regards of this picture. I am here to offer some kind of and theory to what the mystery letters P and O. The O is sitting on what looks to be a window and i would say closely resembles a picture of something or somebody. The P is a bit trickier looking I would have to guess its a bigger picture or maybe a pamphlet or something of that nature. What really intrests me more than those to things is what looks to be a vase or glass next to the O, though after a little more looking i thing the vase object more resembles a tiny pouch of somthing. Just some pf my thoughts.

Katy says:

I saw a ‘photoshopped/mutated’ photo of on another website, and decided to look into it. Once I saw the photo of the ‘real’ on this page, I couldn’t look at it. It scares me. I had to quickly scroll down since every time I look at it,my heart begins to hurt and the beats increases in rate. I begin to feel faint and my head spins, as if the room is turning around me.
There definatly is something weird about this story. The origin of it is unknown and the dog itself is just… Scary.
It’s face is haunting. I’ve lived around dogs all my life and I have NEVER seen any dog do something like this. Unless the owner of the dog did something to the animal for it to look like this?…
All I know is that it’s going to stay with me for a while.

daniel chevez says:


Bob says:

Mr. Caper,

yeah, but, where did you get the information, I googled it and can’t find that info anywhere.

liamcroft says:

I wasn’t scared of the image until I read the story. Whats that saying huh?

Daze hernandez says:

Well a few days ago my friend showed this to me . I loved the picture and honestly did get a wierd feeling when I first saw it. I felt like there was something holding my heart down . when I look at the dog I just see a wierd pattern or something thats moving in the backround . I usually get sweaty or I just cant stop staring at it. Other than that no nightmares .

Shad says:

Interesting findings Mr. Caper. Thanks for sharing! ~Shad

Mr. Caper says:

The first appearance of Smile.jpg occured in mid-1992. Also, the original story tells about an unknown hacker, who flooded Something Awful forums with Smile.jpg image.
Twice there was an outbreak in the year, ending with ‘2′.
Also some sources in Eastern Europe says that if the real Smile.jpg is posted somewhere on a forum or an imageboard, it will be replaced with a fake one or deleted as soon as it will affect someone.

Bob says:

Mr. Caper, what are you talking about? Did you make this up or what? Wheres the source?

Mr. Caper says:

Is it me, or the image in this article had changed since I’ve last been here?
By the way. The Civil Defence Center is concerned that a Smile.jpg outbreak may occur this year. Massive appearance of the REAL Smile.jpg occure in a year that ends with ‘2′, e.g. 1992, 2002, 2012, 2022 etc. Although it is very unlikely that the original Smile.jpg will replace all the existing fake ones or just some of them, but this theory still lives.

Olyvia says:

I think the picture is creepy.. o.o honestly, it scared the shit out of me when I first saw it. This really gives me the chills and whenever I look at it, I get the strangest, most eerie feeling inside… it’s almost as if the dog is going to jump out at you any second. I always feel hot when I look at it too, but I have never had nightmares about it. It’s hard to believe that people actually think this photo is funny or something other than creepy or scary. Even if it is fake, it still creeps me out.

Nick Ortega says:

Gave me the chills for a few seconds .
But I realized that the way the ” dog ” is placed against the background, it just looks like it’ s about to jump at you .
But no need to fear, I haven’ t had any odd nightmare or visions .

I discovered this book-marked and that i quite appreciated a few things i examine. will book mark it too in addition to go through your main several other content pieces afterward.

Barney says:

Aether girls are hot.

chris says:

what the fuck


The same dog is in a motivational poster that be easily found on google images.
Search for the term “Skeptical Dog.”
It’s a Husky with a funny expression in front of a fence. I guarantee it’s the same fence and the same dog.

The Teddie says:

can someone send me the original?

Chris says:

i shitted bricks when i saw him

Dan'RL says:

One thing I wonder is if the image actually has to be physically on the hard drive to do any affect, because so far, the only effect it’s had on me was an unexplainable uneasiness, but that was only because I stumbled upon this at about 2:00 in the morning, and I was tired enough without that wearing me down mentally. Haven’t had dreams about it, but that’s not saying much, since I haven’t had rememberable dreams for months. One of those instances where it’s good to be a deep sleeper. Also, being a Christian kind of gives me a “barrier” (or whatever) against dark things like this. A quick prayer and the initial fear was gone. Although, I’m fairly certain that what others have been saying about the image having a psychological effect on people is kind of true, since it does seem to affect more susceptible minds (saying that, since I consider myself a mental rock).

All right, I’mma stare at the image for a while (with it on my hard drive, just to see if that makes any difference).

Marc says:

Watch this video….and tell me you don’t see a similarity between the dog in this photo, or the dog behind this guy…..

Marc says:

I still have alot to say about this, because it is built on paranoia and superstition…I bet if anyone didn’t have the knowledge about the upcoming nightmares after looking at this photo, there wouldn’t be any.

But with that knowledge it plays on people’s fears and paranoia. Even with my years of the occult, if I had the original pic, I would have used it as some kind of object for rituals.

What you fear becomes your god, and this photo preys on fear…if you have no fear, you’ll not be affected, this is nothing new to me. It seems like a blast from the past to see something like this, and i have pretty much seen it all.

Well, I guess to finally put some closure on this pic, it’s best to just look at it, and make your own conclusions, if this photo affected everyone, don’t forget the dog that was taken behind the guy in one of his photos, it looked alot like this dog in the photo, maybe this dog appears everywhere.

The hand itself is probably a demon of some sort and the dog his servant….ever think about those legends, the dog could be nothing more than a backdrop to something more sinister…

If you believe in demons, and are scared of them, and are already have the notion that something will call you on the phone and say “7 days” just like the Ring, then you really need to get out more.

As weird as the pic looks, I’ve seen worse, heard worse and experienced worse…now it’s like a second nature to accept that these things happen, but I will not let some simple ghost photo ruin my life, like it has others for some odd reason or excuse.

The best advice, just embrace it, and you’ll not be afraid or affected by it, take it a face value and control your own destiny. You own your life, nothing else will….put those that would try to put you down in their place…for things like this are nothing more than myths……

Marc says:

And this is much scarier than smile dog…you want to play puppy…listen to this and tell me you can not be human just like the rest of us. Besides I have a powerful cat who has dealt with much worse, and dogs bow to him….bring it bitch….

Marc says:

You know I have dealt in magick and seen some weird stuff before, nightmares are my friends, I control them. I think those who are affected by this photo have no experience in my years of satanism, luciferianism, etc…

This does not scare me, I don’t know why people would be so scared of a “smiling dog”….with some kind of mysterious hand…I have seen shadows that are alot more horrific than this….

You want weirder than this, try the band Abruptum who used to do torture rituals on their cd’s, summoned weird stuff during their records, and not come out unscathed without seeing or hearing something weird, I’m sure this smiling do would love to be apart of It’s world…and the music they create…

The dog would be the pet, come here puppy, let’s listen to Abruptum…you’ll love it….

gabe says:

i dont know what to say nothing has happened to me so far are you sure that is the original picture/real picture please reply to my email

Samantha Jones says:

Look I have been looking at it. The first time I saw it ever, I thought the picture was ridiculous. I am like “What’s supposed to be scary about it”

And honestly…I think I am just paranoid that’s why it kinda made me shiver a bit the next time I looked at it

young says:

mad and yet amazing

Classified says:

November 7, 2011.
We have found and downloaded this picture. We tested this on one of our men. He is now trapped in an enclosed room and the only things we can here are banging noises and him repeating pass it on hours a day. We recomend that the faint of heart does not download this due to the consiquence of ifinite life of pain. Sincerly, Classified.

Lewis says:

I came across “smile dog” in an urban legend documentary on youtube, and I was instantly intrigued. Through further investigation I came across some pathetic fakes until I found the original (the one up there ^ without the teeth).
I’m very open minded but I was sceptical, however, once I laid my eyes on the picture I had an instant, eerie chill down my spine.
Ever since, like you Shad, I’ve had very vivid nightmares. Not all of them have included smile dog.
But I have had very heart-gripping scenes where I have been in the room and the dog has just been staring at me whilst a hand is beckowing in the shadows. I’m yet to hear from smile dog, although I don’t want to.
It is definately implanted in my head.

Dani Pollack says:

I also thin it has to do with a history of mental illness too.It would only make sense. And no doubt it would affect anyone that has schizophrenia or acute paranoia.

Meow says:

This is in fact a pretty frightful image, but I myself didn’t find anything about it that would cause me to react like Mary did.

Doom Mask says:

My civil defence siren began wailing a few minutes ago. Because of THIS:
Is this the real Smile Dog, or just another fake? You decide.

Rion says:

Very interesting…

But to no avail do I believe this story. It is very interesting indeed, but it’s hard for me to believe. I was introduced to smile dog when I was 10, around the time when I became interested in scary stories of the internet. I believed it then, and I’m 16 now. Looking back at the picture after so many years scares me senseless. Just the photo… It gives off a weird vibe. Just looking a it will scare some. This may be some psychological trick, making us feel afraid of something. Maybe that’s it’s purpose? Just some some picture made to give a good scare? Or is there really a story behind it? I research many paranormalities that scary internet stories provide me. Fake or not, it’s fun and exciting. Unfortunately, I can’t find info on this one… This is a very nice post indeed… One thing has struck me though. I haven’t gotten a nightmare off this, but apparently my friends do. How did that come to be…

Patria Zaiss says:

I am really inspired with your writing talents and also with the structure on your blog. Is that this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent high quality writing, it’s uncommon to see a nice weblog like this one today.

Chrysanthemum says:

gdi I can’t see the ‘faces’, not on the fingerprint nor on the right eye of the dog.
I wanted to be more scared! *sadface*

Bryan says:

When I looked at the red filtered one, I was utterly terrified of it. It came back to me at night, it wasn;t in a dream, i just saw it clearly in my vision,as i walked back into my room. I tried staring at it for 5 minutes at school, and now I’m not scared of it. Don’t get me wrong, i still see it at night, but i scoff, and I am like”Wow, i was afraid of that?”

To get rid of this “haunt” that any picture has put on you, just stare at it. For as long as you can.Be in an area crowded, so you are not scared. I got over my fear of it, and the “real”one gives me an awesome feeling. I’m not ever scared, I am just…..i dunno how to describe it

:D says:

Definitely a combination of both a self-inflicted psychological effect as well as photo manipulation. There are certain patterns the human mind can’t comprehend on it’s own – the pixellated quality of this picture leads me to believe there are such patterns hidden inside the picture. These patterns can cause a “flashing” effect (by the way, flashing can cause epilepsy in some people), or a swirling effect, and etc. Combined with the fear and curiosity you’ve already implanted in YOURSELf before viewing the photo, it takes on a more sinister quality. That’s all it is.

Even if it’s not paranormal, it’s still a strong effect and definitely creepy. It does imprint on the brain a bit. I only looked at it for a few seconds and it’s already causing my mind to play tricks – seeing in the reflection of my monitor due to the black background of this site, etc. I’m already highly susceptible to sleep paralysis and have been lucky enough to only encounter neon pink reindeer so far – which freak me out enough. So needless to say, I will not be studying this picture further or downloading it. I’m not trying to play psychological games with my mind and risk having this dog show up instead of the pink reindeer during my next sleep paralysis episode.


Emilio says:

nice post

Tina says:

Just in taking a few mintues to glance over photo…there are several faces throughtout the picture, the most obvious on the dogs face, around the right eye. Dont know if they were photo shopped in or not.

pkkgw says:

fuck meeeeee O_O
and i thought huskies were adorable DX
he doesnt look like hes smiling, he looks like he wants to eat u XD i think the fake one is creepier

Julia M. says:

I don’t get it. The one that is labeled real isn’t as scary to me as the “fake” one. I haven’t had a dream about smile dog, but sometimes when I’m trying to fall asleep the image pops into my minds eye and then I get too afraid to sleep. The “real” one has that glazed over warped look, but the fake one……the eyes seem to stare into my soul. I’d love to find out as much background information as possible about this. Want to know if Mary E. is/was a real person.

We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. says:

When I saw the “real” smiledog, a strange surge went though out my body, and I suddenly became very scared. I got the chills. Like, I was nervous or something when the image popped out from my phone’s screen. I felt like, it was looking at me. It was very strange. I might have nightmares.

Kim says:

The only indelible dog face that haunts me is my Bailey that died at 18, three years ago. His sweet eyes, he had a huge mouth but was gentle as a lamb, he laughed and smiled, his eyes were so intelligent. That sweet thing. I think dogs are like people, that was the love of my life. All other dogs are just dogs. His face his amazing humaness, always superimposes over anything like this. It’s not haunting, it’s love. I hope when I pass, there really is such a thing as dog spirits.

beebnegron says:

my sister says that none of the 3 smile dog images are the “real” one… she says the “real” ones really creepy.

shadowvixen says:

Okay.. i happen to have a theory on this. I downloaded the real picture and have been having dreams about it and the picture randomly flashes across my vision both day and night ever since. I know people probably think i’m just scared because of the story but I think i have figured out why it only effects some people. I have a history of mental illness and it seems Mary E. also has or had those sorts of issues. It seems most of those who are effected have a weaker mental stability than others.
Anyway. My dream is that he appeared in my room and did nothing but i did hear “spread the word” though it was said in my own voice i did not say it. and his mouth moved like he was speaking in my voice. so people can make fun of me and this if you wish.. but I think it’s a real thing. you may email me back if you want any info on my situation. This has happened ever since i downloaded the photo weeks ago so it’s not some sort of “you were thinking about it so you dreamed it” thing. It happens regardless of my thoughts before bed.

KittyLitter says:

So I downloaded this picture last night and thought nothing of it.
Then I had a dream.
Smile Dog was in it… He told me to show everyone his real face… Or bad things would happen…

So here… This is the REAL face of Smile Dog…

mango slicer says:

On the second finger print there is a small face.

mango slicer says:

On the right blood print it has a face on it.Omg

oops says:

i dont want to look at it cause i’m afraid something will jump out like that maze thing where linda blair pops up at the end. oh well. maybe i’ll get my ex to look at it or something (;

Paul says:

I downloaded it, and looked at its mouth for a minute or two, then my headphones vibrated. It was pretty weird o.O

Crimsonwolf911 says:

i sat and stared at the photo for a few minutes, no odd feelings but alot of strange fluxuations in my vision, the colloring and shading of the picture looked like it was changing. also my vision narrowed, sort of like tunnel vision, the edges of my peripherals blurred anmd almost seemed to cloud over, im gonna spend a bit longer looking to see if anything else happens

Smile Doggie says:

I allow these kinds of pictures to creep me out, because I’m a very strange person, I KNOW they aren’t real, yet I let them circulate my mind.

This picture doesn’t scare me at all, I love dogs, I’m obsessed with them. But there is something about this picture, something that isn’t quite right, I can’t put my finger on it though.

The fake demonized one is creepy though, but it looks nothing like a dog.

person says:

i just starred at the picture in a trance until my aquarium screensaver came on
thank you fishys

The particular pessimist gripes for the wind it by hand; the optimist can possibly expect it to move; and also the realist sets typically the sails. We will need to admit specific discouragement, yet we never ever burn unlimited pray.

Duncan says:

I don’t find this frightening at all. Whatever. It’s mildly weird, but not scary in the least.

Anonymous says:

When i first looked at this image i wasn’t freaked out, though i was scared to sleep after looking at this watch?v=7kMPcw8VfAo on Youtube.Despite how this one is photoshopped i found it oddly scarier the first time i saw it.But the REAL smile.jpg does give me an odd feeling but that is only because i allow it too.Fear is only in our minds….and since everyone is screaming that it’s creepy it automaticly makes you feel that way.I do believe there is something more about this picture then we thing.But we never know, could’ve been a furry lover dressed for Halloween.The image is just in…bad condition knowing how old it could possibly be.Obviously not older then the 80’s….but old.I really do believe there should be more people trying to link out where it came from and why it should scare anybody.I haven’t had one nightmare on this dog so why should you? if you think about it…it really could just be two stupid teenagers on Halloween that decided to be famous and scary for something that they did.

Sucks for them though because nobody knows where it came from, which brings me back to the fear consept.

Macy says:

I first saw this on an urban legends video, and it has been burned into my mind ever since. Although nothing has happened in my dreams, nor have I had visions of the dog,
I still feel that this image has a darker, and subliminal message that could attack those with more vulnerable minds.

Bob says:

I think its probably all bullshit but, DO MORE RESEARCH!!! im fascinated

evil ed says:

well, after seeing this and thinking bout downloading the picture? i’m gonna do it and see what happens. but i ‘m pretty certain this shit is subconscial and is all in your mind. if you believe it will haunt you then it will, and if you think it won’t it won’t. thats the way i feel about it

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Rahul Mishra says:

just now i came to know about this wiered pic, and i think that its just a holy creepy thing.
can any body give me the high quality pic to make a wall image.

peter says:

I have no intention to ever look at this again. Poor little dog. I want to give a husky a big hug now.

peter says:

it put the fear in me, that’s for sure. But its not real. Its only as real as you let it become in your mind. Scary, scary thing for people who depend on their emotions for things, and thattheres so mich ambiguity around the photo, its hard to find consolation, but its not real. Go listen to happy music, read some encouraging testimonies, something to attach to the memory to give you some perspective. Its not real. Now be hopeful and happy! I love you! Spread the word. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Haha.)

Matt says:

Haha. Wow. People are gullible. Thinking that the picture was real. Smh.. Good story though

the o says:

I find this hard to masterbate to

Harley says:

I’m not completely sure I believe this…but the picture has really freaked me out. Big time. I was only able to look at it for about 5 seconds the first time before freaking and scrolling on. I couldn’t make out anything like the hand, or human figure that everyone is talking about. Mostly because I couldn’t stop looking at the screwed up dog’s face. >.> Honestly, it’s burned into my mind. I don’t know though…….guess i’ll figure it out when I sleep tonight.

kittyclawz says:

The picture is freaky as hell, I’ll admit, but I wanna stay skeptical and say it’s a case of mass paranoia. The internet is full of that. I’ve seen this that and the other versions of it a bunch of times. Lo and behold, I live. I have no doubt that the pic is full of freaky subconscious subliminal messages that are debatable, but I’m not seeing how one could be driven to kill themselves just by looking at a picture. I think it may have something to do with what’s going on at the viewer’s mind at the time.

That being said, F you, smile dog, I’ve got more important things to worry about.

Sadie says:

QAQ That dog has offically ruined my life. I’m scared, and now this website haunts me..

Jocelyn says:

When I saw this…I stood still, afraid to move…aware of every little movement, every sound…

I still am.

Smiledog, you have officially wrecked my life.

joshua says:

when i saw this picture, no, this website. i had a sharp pain in my stomach and chest. i had to put up my strongest psychic shield to stop it. when i saw a comment that said “….spread the word,” i ingnored it. the dog came into my dreams that night and ate away ate most of my psychic energy. today i spread the word about it to my friends. i just hope this will work. i still put up a psychic shield against it still, just in case.

Drmarat says:

Cute doggy <3

Ира says:

Я не вижу ничего страшного и мистического в этом.
Абсолютно ничего.

Guy Smiley says:

I just don’t know about this one, many people are easily disturbed by such things, personally it looks like a very interesting photoshop/manual edit of a photo.

The dog’s a very aggressive one, though…

Also, the picture is full of subliminal messages, and behind the fence a human shape can be seen (or it’s just me?).

P.S: The title should be “Smile, you son of a bitch!”, it would be funnier.

Bradley C. says:

Me and my friend have been sitting here for a while looking at this and personally we think this is fake. Its cool and all and dont worry we think its a cute little puppy too. We read through it all and people who are trying to get a laugh outta this your immature. Btw dude that said his friends suicide note said “smile dog” dont play like that dude what if your friend really commited suicide. how would you feel then? Anyway we like this but I cant say I am much for downloading this. sorry to all. Blessed Be and goodnight.

fishboil says:

It is not scary. It is clearly photoshopped, maybe even so, that creator coincidentally created something, that afffects some of us, like that legendary pokemon episode, which was banned.

SinShiver says:

Piss Off. The dog don’t like your fugly face.

Vampyrus says:

So far, the picture has had no effect on my mood, hasn’t creeped me out, or caused any weird phenomenon around me…mostly because I actually focused on staring down the picture and going through in my mind how it wouldn’t affect me…
Honestly, it’s like any other paranormal phenomenon, if you want it to affect you, then it will.

JuanXcore says:

this photo quiet remember me about Silent hill, and the red one, about it’s dogs, those skinless monsters, but this is not scary, but it gives you a weird feeling, in fact, if you have a weak mind, that wolve will eat you in your dreams. also, i have a friend that saw it, he downloaded it, and put it as wallpaper

JuanXcore says:

this photo just remembers me about silent hill, and it’s rusty and darkest side, it doesnt scare, but gives you a strange feeling. in fact, if you have a weak mind, you’ll be eaten by this, also i have a friend that just saved it and put it as wallpaper

ricky a says:

omg. i saw alot of fakes on the internet. and on youtube. no one really had the real one. all the other ones said to stare in the dogs eyes and somethin will happen or look at the hand. so i did some research to see what it was supposed to do cuz i didnt see anything that big about it… because it was a fake. but when i read the ladys article thing about how it ruined her life and stuff. i searched for the real thing and found this as soon as my screen show the picture my eyes felt like they were stuck to it and my body got really hot instantly, and i felt like i was being held down and sinking and being forced to stare at it. i was honestly teriffied. it took me about 45 second to click off the page and i was trying to the whole time but my arms didnt seem to make it to the minimize or X button. and before all of this i was saying how i dont think it does anything. but i can honestly say ive never felt like that in my life ever. and as i talk of this my body feels as its on fire. im very hot. but when i touch my arm or my legs their ice cold. idk why this is but the image just has something about it that does something to you and its not that its scary. its that it has a feeling of a possesed thing. i dont have a problem looking at it right now. but i do feel waaaaayyyy different than i did before i looked at it. i cant explain it but i feel off and not my self and im really hot.

just wanted to let you guys know my experiences with it as of now and to tell yall that it not all bogus.

yobro says:

jesus christ, this is the first time i’ve seen this image and it will haunt me forever. but alas, i needed to see it, my curiosity got the best of me and when i saw an article describing it on creepypasta wiki i needed to see.

Jack says:

*sigh* folks, if you think you’re going to have a dream featuring the dog, chances are you are going to dream of the dog. Like a placebo effect.

KatRock says:

Cute puppeh! I will pet it. I will love it. MY CUTE PUPPEH GET UR OWN!

Blake says: i found the real picture. it told me to post. of it would wake me in my dreams to mkae me look at it.

Jonathan GlZ Reyes says:

Im from mexico, i have been looking for this picture for a long time….and now, i can tell you that i am really dissapoined because this picture, in my case, just cause that i get really borred =/ (sorry for my bad english, i have some troubles with my learning english class XD) nice post because now i know the real file =D

GoggehCalledBeetch says:

Ohhhhhhhhh…..this is creepy when i first glanced at it..later. *download sucessfully* OH SHIT! DISSIDIA 012 DOWNLOADED SUCESSFULLY! GONNA KILL SOME DAWG NOW :D

- HU4L
TO ALL HU4L, HU rocks forever!
Okay dawg, this has gone on for way long,
can’t quit my day job till i’m played on K-rock,
it’s chaos, i’m in the club with my shades on
and i’m about to smack that like i’m Akon!

Last says:

The blank Stare.

The blank Stare.

The blank Stare.

Oh my god, this is it. Blank. Blank. Ah. Ahahaha!! Blank State. Blank Stare. Blank State.

Blank. Blank. Blank. Blank. Blank!!

Sometimes, I blank the blank around the blank infused, and The Blank took me by force. Blank controlled my whim like I could not see, Blank stormed me, Smiling. Blank Smile. Blank Stare. Blank State.

Blank Stare. Blank Smile. Blank State. Blank. I am Smiling. Smiles! Blank! Yay!!

Too Empty! The void is filled Blank. Blank all. Blank! The image in my mind! Smile. Art is Blank. Devoid of life, the Blank I express is always blank. I could tell Blank about Blank but the Smile tells me Blank is not the Blank within.

Within the common Blank I emphasize with the Blank of Forgiveness, the Blank looked me. P.O. Blank was P.O. I knew it all along. P.O. P.O.

The Hand! Blank is Hand. Post-Illusion *Blank*. Are you Blank? The Blank is within. Empty.

That Smile is Empty.

Etched in my subconscious, Empty. The gun is to my head. Someone please help me.

I am Blank without the Emptiness. Blank is eating my mind and Blank is winning my Blankness. Blank Smile. Blank Stare. Blank State.


Jonathan says:

We have a female dog named Batchie… she’s not of Husky descent or anything fancy, just a regular dog. The thing is that she hugs you when you come home to her and shows great affection.

The thing I can’t understand is, WHY WON’T THIS IMAGE GO AWAY???

I just saw it today, while I looked for Internet memes. The first one I saw was the fake one with the human teeth. It was disturbing at most. Then I saw the red-filtered one. It looked extremely demonic. But this…

Wow. Words can’t even describe this one. Not creepy, not scary, nothing like that. this is on a whole new level of “FUCK THIS”. This is just psychologically torturing. Just looking at it makes me wanna cry. It has this weird effect on you that, if your constitution is weak, you’ll feel it right away. It tugs at your inner self and doesn’t wanna let go. It sticks to the mind like a stamp. It dances all over the term MINDFUCK.

I can’t imagine what will happen to me tonight. God help me. 0_o

Scare says:

when I looked at the FAKE one, i just passed it as cute and smiled.

But about a month later after having my friend send the fake one, i found this website; therefor seeing the ‘real’
When i first looked at it- actually LOOKED- my heart beat faster and i got unnerved by the sight the picture. when i first looked, I swore the mouth turned white for just a second, and i jumped in my computer chair XD.
I felt slightly stupid after that, but then looked at the left side of the dog, and couldn’t stop staring at it. It sort of looks like the dogs in pain, but gapes in awe at whatever’s infront of him.
Also, at first I saw the word P.O, but then stared closer, seeing not a “P”, but an “F”, and not an “o”, but an “a”. Looking even further, there appeared to be another letter afterward, which i can only make out so far as an “r”, or a badly done “i”.

It freaks me out to look at the fence, which i relate to the windows of an insane asylum, which I had been looking at on Google before (dont ask why :\)
I can only determine the picture as creepy, and think of it as something that paranormally appeared on the web. LOL.

Scare says:

I’m slightly afraid to get out of my chair now, even though its day bright, yet theres no one in my house and all the rooms seem to be dark.

I also read through all of the comments before actually taking a full glance at the picture.
Just in case ._.

JinDogEater says:

Im asian, and My dream is to hunt that dog down and eat it. Yum

Oh My God, says:

Im a victum, although, it didnt work like protrayed in the story

Oh My God, says:

Im a victum of this so called Smile.jpg

my experiece was totally different.
I was having a normal dream… then suddently I just became paralized and i was dreaming that I was looking outside my window to find my own dog chained to a tree, he turned and looked at me. Growled and lunged for me. At that point I woke myself up and stopped it from doing whatever it was trying to do………..

FarLeft says:

During a scheduled research on the Smile.jpg some curious facts were discovered.
At first I’ve came across a rumour, that the original Smile.jpg photo has two peculiar things:
1 – It was said that on the original Smile.jpg the dog’s eyes were glowing
2 – In the window on the background a silhouette of a human can be seen.
== to Shad – those are not the PO letters above the “beckoning hand”. Those are picture frames on the windowsill.

Alice says:

Haha, you guys…. by about the 7th “reaction story” I read, I was just amused.

The fake one looks dorky. The “real” one looks like, well… a crappy photo of a dog with its mouth open. And?

I’m not scared. If something happens to me when I go to bed tonight, fall asleep and wake up the next morning, then I guess I’m everybody’s fool, huh? ;)

Mr. Jaquel says:

The first time I saw the fake one (not the red one) it was 3am in the morning. It unsettled me for a moment but that was it. Then I heard the story and in my lack of sleep a chill went up my spine. But then I went to bed and though I woke up ever 2 hours from my insomnia, it was nothing more than “creepypasta”. I was indeed curious about the picture though, though the more I saw it the more I laughed, more so when I saw the red version of it. I then drew it and wasn’t phased by it anymore.

This “real” picture, did unsettle me again but only because of how it is it makes the dog face look like it’s going to jump out at you like a holographic image. But I downloaded it and stared at it a bit, it tricks the eyes into thinking it’s shifting because of the f-ed up background. ( Kinda like the picture of the circles on a bright florescent background, if you stare at it it looks like the circles are spinning.)

Haven’t slept yet but I doubt, just like with the fake ones, anything will happen. If anything does happen or you think it did, who knows? Maybe it’s true or maybe you just let it give you too much of a mindfuck.

Uuugh, I just looked at the image through a link and it shocked me so bad that I went back to this page before even scrolling down to see the whole picture. I am proud to say I am an 11 year old girl with a large knowledge of the World Wide Web. Yes, most of the shock and paranoia is caused by our unconciuos brains. We read these stories and kinda believe them. We are sceptic. We look at the image and the story suddenly seems very true. I will say that this is most likely a photoshopped image. However, some dogs are actually WELL KNOWN for being able to open their mouths to a wide extent. I remember reading about a dog that could fit 4 tennis balls in it’s mouth in a Guiness World Records book. Maybe this dog could do something simaliar and the owner snapped a photo of it, then
decided to photoshop it. Due to the contents of the photo, it cannot be easily forgotten. It is able to cause nausia only because we beleive it can.
I HIGHLY disadvise downloading this image. I have no plans to download it or EVER look at it again. Although it could be useful for extracting your revenge on someone…

Amii says:

It isn’t even a dog. Look at it carefully, upside down if you must. You can see the dog has no viable body, and it should have, by the look of it it is a person, with face paint, dog eyes painted onto their closed eye lids or photo shopped eyes. With fake dog ears on their head. Hence the human like shape of head, and neck.

Mr. Caper says:

I’ve heard some strange legend about a drug-abusing person, who had died in early 1991 when he was 23. He was mentaly traumatized when he was twelve years old when he was injured by a tornado. His dream was to became an animator, but he had failed and began using various drugs. He was drawing weird things, while he was stoned and once after an overdose his health was almost destroyed and he spent his last months in a hospital.
And now. According to the legend after his death he had became something, that is described to be very indentical to the Smile Dog. He had turned into some creature, that combines characteristics of a ghost and a werewolf. It is said that he usualy appears in the city of Cheyenne and it’s outskirts.

kandyce says:

im a photography student… it honestly looks like a crappy double exposure picture that obviously wasnt focused properly. its blurry, causing your eyes not to focus properly causing your brain to think that its “moving or shifting” its a creepy dog behind a fence with some person in the second frame. nothing superstiscious about it. its probably from an old film camera i use to fuck my shit up like this all the time. when you forget to advance the film… THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS duh

Yev says:

Well this picture is strage I mean the real one of corse i mean really whats the deal with that hand?!?!?!

Nemet Robert says:

The picture is starting to catch my mind everyday. If I think about it, I just seem to hear growling noises, and one time, it was 3:00AM, it was dark as hell. But I kept hearing growling noises. I got so scared that I screamed, and jumped into my eyes. When my parents came in, they asked “Did you scratch yourself?” My answer was no.
Then they said: About a quarter of the skin on your face is missing. And there’s blood on the bed.” Now how it happened… don’t know.

Mimi Roth says:

Guys, that dog looks just like my Husky.
Nothing scary about it.
Every time I see it, I giggle a little harder.
Maybe I’m just weird, but smile.jpg makes me giddy as a schoolgirl.
Nothing scary about this, it’s just a happy Husky.
My dog does that all the time.

Mr. Samuels says:

I mean @ Simon*

Mr. Samuels says:

@Phil: The greenish tinted one does sort of flicker a bit. It took about 8 page re-loads to notice it though. On youtube, if you type in “smile.jpg” you should see a redish one that resembles the redish flash on this image. I have found that it has similar effects on some of my “Test Sunjects”, minus the Rapid onset epilepsy.

Simon says:

The first picture, the “real” one. When the page first loaded, I swear the picture was of something else! I saw something for a milisecond as I was scrolling down the page. I saw a red picture. I scrolled right past then back up and it was the dark picture of the dog. Although, I am on my phone and I can’t sleep soo… but did anyone else get that?

Phil says:

I think the picture is creepy, but now i don’t have a problem with it and now it’s my desktop backround. lol

Phil says:

I think the picture is creepy, and it might have some sychological powers because when i first saw it like warped my mind or somthing, because I drounded out the backround and sounds, and I was terrified of it for a while, but now I have no problem with it and now it’s my desktop backround. I also think that everybody can react to it differently.

its not just a picture, the dog and hand are just creepy
i can watch all the gore i want and not even blink, so no creepy photo is gonna do that to me, so i stared are all of the different ones. and the supposed fake has a sort of underline of weird lines i could see, that kind of warped my head and made me sick. the week people in this world buckled over apon viewing. its seriously not fun to look at. like it about to change. or start whispering.

Mr. Samuels says:

Upon looking at this, I see something strangely familiar about the dog itself. I was in the mountains of WV and I saw a mangey looking dog that sat on its haunches and made a similar face. I believe it was a pet of a Mr. Ross whos wife (or mother) had earlier that week, given me the evil eye. There were several other strange things in those mountains.

Nemet Robert says:

Also, I stared at the real picture for 4 minutes, and the picture seemed to shift right before my eyes. Maybe I was seeing things, but it seemed to shift. And the fire thing on the upper corner… I examined it, but got nothing.

Nemet Robert says:

When I first saw both pictures, I suddenly stood up from the chair, and went to the window, breathing fast. Then, I thought I heard noises. Downloaded the pic, but if Smile Dog demands me to spread it, I won’t do it that easily.

preston says:

for some reason, I can’t download it. I wonder what that could mean…

Christina says:

smile.jpg first came to me waaayyyyy back when I was a lot younger. It’s been at least ten or fifteen years now. I didn’t hear anything about it, i just opened a file that came to me through an email from someone I didn’t know. Immediately, I felt sick to my stomach and I passed out. I woke in the hospital several hours later. While I didn’t look at the pic for more than a few seconds, it was enough to scar me for life. While I don’t have nightmares every night, every time I hear of this file, or even when I catch myself thinking about it, I get dizzy and I feel like passing out. Even now, I’d like nothing more than to turn off my computer and let the skeptics and non-believers see the horror for themselves. And those who are strong enough to withstand it’s effects, please be ever vigilant in your dreams. You never know when this image is going to finally get it’s hold on you.

Take care when viewing ANY of the images, even the ones that are fakes. The fakes are enough to scare the holy crap out of someone.

Miles says:

So yesterday I went to this site to see what this mystery was all about. I looked at what is known to be the fake and the real versions right before I went to sleep last night. Nothing happened. I showed my brother earlier that day. Nothing. My boyfriend. Nada. It’s just mass hysteria, nothing happens.

julia says:

this pictur is not scary at all i mean like from like 6 months every singl day i look at it for like 15 minuts
and nothing happend i had read the story like 10 times
and i loked at the video like20 times

Thomas says:

hey guys i cant help it but i must look at this picture everyday. i havent heard smile or anything like that. i have heard growling though. maybe it was my wood burner. maybe not. also, i dont know where you guys see the letters PO at. i found the hand i think but its hard to see. what is the fire type thing n the upper leftish corner? reply to my comment please. i must know

Smiling Dog says:

Ok, so they take ONE bad picture of me and it ruins my life. I had a cold on Halloween of ‘91 and some fool takes a picture of me mid-sneeze and now I’ve got to deal with a bunch of lawsuits. How do you think this makes me feel? My face scared someone into going insane? Hm? Awesome. Now my fiancée has left me, I’m totally broke, and I have next to no self esteem. I would appreciate if people would stop spreading this. I’m, like, 147 now in dog years, and I’d be grateful to just live the rest of my life in peace.

Smile Dog

p.s. That’s not even my real name! It’s Claude, ok?

LeGeNdary says:

I laughed hard at your comment Alex.
I think smile.jpg is just one of the variety creepypastas that want to spread it even farther, like into your dreams. I downloaded it, i observed for 15 minutes, i didnt have a dream or even a thought of it. It was kind of a good read, but not the best creepypasta out there. But honestly, the fake picture, im talking about the one that wasn’t mentioned here, that looks like a pig, and it isn’t scary. The fake picture here, looks like someone photoshopped a picture of a dog. The real picture looks like glass or some shit. It isn’t real, and i beg to differ with all these fake stories. Sincerely – Legendary.

z41141 says:

You ought to deserve the truth (o)<I want to show you the Original.You might have figured out why it has been censored from the web Once you seen it for yourself…if this message is deleted, IT IS FOR A GOOD REASON

This is not to be studied, Making images that alter the mind like this are highly forbidden and very dangerous. optical subconscious Mental Projections Affect the mental Stability for the strongest person out there for the picture will change moods the instant you look at it…BE WARNED

z41141 says:

I want to show you guys the real pic…if this quote is deleted, you will know why C{o=:>}

Kill The House Lights says:

Good read.

I never knew of smile.jpg ’til today when I read a creepy thread on 4chan. Indeed was it disturbing at first glances, but it’s the story that carries the psychological terror in your mind.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.
If anything, I thought the fake was actually a lot more terrifying than the original.


Once again, good read.
Spread the word.

- Kill The House Lights

ivy says:

Why does the “FAKE” picture of the husky have a clearer background while the “REAL” one looks all distorted…While the “FAKE” obviously had some photoshop touch-ups (the added teeth), the real one looks as if it had just as much work (the ‘grungy’ look) :/

Willow Cubia Caraftis says:

Whoever made this picture is pretty twisted. I’ve decided against downloading it only because I already have nightmares that are terrible, but don’t scare me a bit. If I were to look at this picture, maybe it’ll kick my imagination up a notch and scare the living shit out of me. The fake one is kind of telling me to get the original, but I know I shouldn’t.

:) says:

Spread the word…….

Alex says:

I first stumbled across this image on KnowYourMeme. I didn’t get much from it. “Eh,” I thought. “It’s just a creepy picture. There’s like, a gazillion of them online.” Around midnight that night, I got up to use the bathroom, which is about twenty feet away from my computer. Just as I was washing my hands, all the lights in the house went out. I tried to find my way upstairs in the dark, but in the room where my computer was, I thought I heard a strange noise, like a low, continuous growl. I checked the light on my computer, but it was off. However, when I looked closer at the monitor, there was the dog, in that very same dark room, STARING AT ME. There was a flash of blinding light, and when I turned around, both of my guinea pigs were killed, and blood was everywhere. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My mom came downstairs to find out what was the matter, but once she saw the dog, she became petrified, When she finally could speak, she told me, “You’re moving in with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air!” I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought, “Nah, forget it. Yo, holmes to Bel-Air!” I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabbie, “Yo holmes smell ya later!” Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.

B.B. girl says:

Until today I’ve never heard of or, but I came across it today while surfing the internet, so, as usually, I had to find out what was that about. So, considering the fact I rarely have nightmares, I guess I would be a good “test subject” for this.
Honestly, with black background of the site, the picture doesn’t have much effect on me now, but I downloaded it anyway and I’ll see what happens in few following nights.
BTW, I don’t know why, but I constantly concentrate on the dog’s left eye.

Anon says:

I’ve been going through a bunch of creepypasta for Halloween. Smile.jpg did not creep me out at all. In fact, when I first saw it on Uncyclopedia, I thought the so-called “true” smile.jpg was the original picture from which smile.jpg had been created, and that on its own it was just a picture of a dog, no different from anyone else’s pet pictures.

I’ll confess that, after reading the story involved, the picture now unnerves me, and I’ve decided not to download it, but this seems to be derived purely from the unsettling paranormal phonemona the backstory claims it creates. I’m considering the “use as desktop background” route, as that would probably remove the psychological freak-out factor involved.

EquusStorm says:

The power of suggestion is remarkable. I’ve seen the ‘fake’ version on the ‘Chans before and thought nothing of it – in fact it’s almost silly; however, the so-called ‘real’ version – which I first saw here – disturbs me deeply, in a strange way. As much as I don’t believe in creepypasta like smile.jpg, I already regret seeing the picture, and I’m pretty sure my subconscious is going to give me hell for it. Something about it scares the shit out of me, even without reading the ‘backstory’. Whoever came up with smile.jpg was a very clever and twisted bastard indeed…

yngrid says:

Meu Deus isso e Muitoo Doiddo

gaz says:

i died from it

ryan payne says:

if you look closely it looks like the head is like a hollogram comeing from the hand if you know what i mean

Don says:

I’ve been doing alot of research into smile dog and I’ve experienced the affects first hand. I hypothesised that the affects caused by smile dog had a psychological explanation and I was right. All of the deaths and people having vivid night terror and everything smile dog causes is associated with a disorder called sleep paralysis. Look this up online and you will understand why people think its a demon, and also I dont know how the picture cause this though, but I know that it does.

`Ken says:

i think PO stands for please observe

Ken says:

i just found somthing on the “real picture”.at the top leftish corner there is something with what looks like fire……i laughed at first because it looked like a pencil but then saw what it really was…..Im sorry i cant tell you cause it made my nightmares worse and it made the vocies worse so, yeah…..dont try to figur it out okay?

P.S. i dont have skisafrenia!

Ken says:

Omg i stared at this pic for 1 hour and started hearing growling and i ran out the room. After 3 hours i came back and this pic was my wallpaper……i tried to change it but i couldent. i went to sleep and i dreamed about him. I was in a room with him and the “beckoning hand” and he walked twords me and looked at me. i woke up and he was at my bed……after 5 mins he walked out the room and i was forced to walk out too. i tried to stop walking but i couldent and when i turned the corner he was gone. i whent to school and heard “smile!!” all day long. i got a test but i got a F cause it all said “smile! come on and smile!”……..if thats not creepy i dont know what is.

Inunah says:

Damn, I thought it was going to include my email/IM address! It didn’t. O_o

My IM/email is

Inunah says:

Hey, I’ve been trying to find the origins of Smile.jpg, and this website seems to have been the first place to show what is possibly the original image used to create smile.jpg.

Would you happen to know where that image comes from?

Please get back to me by email (Or IM me using my email address). I probably won’t check this website out frequently enough to see any replies.

Thanks in advance!

Patrick says:

Disty I totally agree with you on the two fake pics, as a matter of fact i’ve been doing some digging around the net.
People are saying that the real picture is Satan’s visage, then I thought about the fact that what some actions that dogs did in the Medival ages were taken in as good and bad omens, these pictures are tame verisons, very very tame because, satan there is nothing good period, meanwhile dogs only act as companions for humans. Granted there is exceptions (abused dogs attacking people etc, etc). But they are hardly associtated with satan. Someone is trying to get Smile jpg known very well

to quote the story of Mary E. “You may in time, encounter someone someone who is, if not weaker than I, then someone wholly more depraved, someone who will not hesitate to follow’s orders” how we know this isn’t a set-up for some ultimate destruction of people’s minds?

P.S. the story that i quote shouldn’t be taken for solid it’s actually just smile.jpg not like they refer it to in the story

Disty says:

I downloaded both the fake and the proposed real Smile.jpg files and I’ve been completely fine, but I still am not convinced that either is the real one. The fake has the exact same dog but with edited teeth on it. The “real” one looks legit enough, but then it leaves you wondering how the fake has the exact same dog and hand in the picture, but is in much better quality. At the same time, the proposed real picture also has the original teeth and not the edited human teeth. That means that both pictures have elements of an original picture, but neither picture has all of these elements at the same time. Because of this I believe neither of these is the full real picture, but both are close to whatever the real one is. I don’t know what the original picture looks like, but for people who have had nightmares from the proposed real picture, it would most-likely be due to your own fear. I’ll admit, it is a very interesting picture that leaves people’s minds with a lot of questions that makes it hard to take your mind off of it. There are questions such as “Why is there a gate”, “Why is there grass”, “Why is there a hand reaching out”, “Why is there a face of a dog, yet no trace of the dog’s actual body in the picture”, “Why does it look like there is a person laying down in the dog’s left eye”, etc. Another part of the picture that may trick the mind is that even if you don’t realize that you think it, most people’s minds interpret it as an innocent picture of somewhere outside that had this dog show up over the picture when it was developed, because it does look that way.

Other than what I’ve said, I’m not sure what else I can say about this unless more proof or evidence is given. I still believe that the real picture is somewhere out there though and that neither of these two is it.

big money weezy says:

at first I was VERY creeped out but now, you notice how the head cuts off? as if there’s no body? I thi k it’s a fake. but I’ll keep trying

Mary E. says:

I actually love that dog. a few years after seeing this picture i went out and got a husky. I even named him Smiley.

Lauren says:

When I came across this photo and looked upon the chill loathsome eyes of the beast; I was drawn.. He spoke to me; soft hisses and growls reverberated within my ear canals, despite the silence, except the quiet hum of my fan in the background.. The emissions where heinous, devilish, revolting.. It felt as if some force was burrowing; penetrating vehemently into my skull — I clawed desperately at my ears, forcing my palms roughly against to the point light suction was achieved, but that only made it louder.. The beast had possessed my very form, and I felt him.. I heard him; his cruel, sinister .. Lustful thoughts as he yearned to devour my form..

That is when he had now taken physical form; as the putrid canid seen in the photograph.. He licked his chops, dark green ooze snaking from his lips.. But.. That is when I saw the sadness in his eyes. He had been trapped in this devilish form by humans; humanity and the entirety of their beings all believing that the specter to be evil, turned him evil.. He was reaching out through the photograph; accumulating in the human’s minds in hopes to set him free of the imprisonment he was placed in so long ago, captored in an image by an evil sorcerer, despite he being a noble spirit that once was a guardian to our race.. I set him free, I loved him.

The beast and I made love.. And we are now due to be married in October. I’m pregnant and our puppies due date is early November!

I still Shiver and think about this picture in my dreams and in Life, it hunts me, In my sleep and in life. I even Tryed Drawing the dog, Like it was controlling me to Draw it cause i no i DID NOT want to draw it.

Joe says:

…its not even close to the real one
1st: slightly higher quality
2nd: causes nausea, and sheer anxiety
3rd: real pic is a german shepard, no teeth no stupid border, just a 840 x 900 picture, just a white hole where the mouth should be, hand is closer to mouth, missing fingers, hand is blurry, like motion blur ish
4th: for some odd reason i get a severe migrane when i look at the fakes. but not as bad as the real one, i deleted it several times, and it keeps coming back. (not in file form, it’ll be a new short cut on my desktop…it is associated with a .bat file of some sort i think, virus like.) in the horrifingly lucid dreams it will never ask to be spread, it just taunts you…you never feel safe again

it’s day 40…i think i am going mad

julia says:

my sis cant even look at this picter it is so scary [not for me]

julia says:

cool smile.jpg is funny and po; might mean a worning.or some fing

julia says:

this is not freeky at all anyway P.O; mite mean the artists name or its a sort of a worning.

huskeh says:

in a way, its nice that he wakes me up in the middle of the night… Then I can like just go eat something delicious and go back to sleep.

Heather says:

Well i didn’t feel weird in anyway or anything like that it just looks like a Polaroid pic the was underexposed and then later on someone photoshoped the dogs teeth and the bloody hand.

huskeh says:

I looked at this yesterday and did some photoshop for well over 6 hours with the download. If you look closely at the PO, there’s a small line that’s being made slightly. (L) I went to sleep thinking about it and all of a sudden in my dream, I just like froze and just there it was, creeping slowly at me. After I woke up, I just loved the fact that I actually had personnal attachment with this, even if I see the image everytime I blink. Will comment in another week to update the paranormal…

Raptros says:

I haven’t downloaded it yet, but I’m testing it tonight. I’ll letcha know what happens.

Clinton says:

So its been 5 days now and I actually completely forgot about the existence of this picture.. Never had a dream about it or anything.

My conclusion? This picture does not have a curse on it. Just because you download it doesn’t mean you’re going to be haunted forever. I believe that some people do have these nightmares however.. not because of a curse but because they have made themselves believe that there is a curse and thus are tormented.

Spade6sic6 says:

Look, this is purely a psychosomatic thing. You have a dozen ’stories’ of suicides, deaths, etc. of people when they look at this image. Then as you subconsciously think about it, it stays there. I don’t doubt that many people actually dream about this; because that’s were dreams come from: the human subconscious. As a photoshop expert of almost 6 years, I can clearly see a few distinctive things about this image.
For one, it has an overly “grainy” quality. Even constant JPEG rasterizing pixelation wouldn’t give you such an even amount of grainy-ness. The grainy quality most likely comes from something done on photoshop on purpose to ‘hide’ the liquification added to the teeth and eyes of the dog. Also, given the darkness of the rest of the photo, the dog’s teeth wouldn’t glow such a vibrant white; the snout would over-shadow most of that.
The P.O. was added using a translucent paintbrush over the hand, which was also most likely cropped in, the darkened using the ‘highlights’ options of the burn tool…

Seriously folks, don’t be so naive.

Clinton says:

Well I feel utterly stupid.. My friend was telling me about this picture today so after a few minutes of research I found this website. Without reading into the actual story I scrolled down to the picture and then further down noticing I could download the picture. I downloaded the picture to my laptop and started to examine it. After a few minutes of looking at it.. I finished the story.. Will I be tormented to insanity and finally take my life? Will haunt me while I sleep? Only time will tell… I will inform you a week from now how life has been for me after having accidentally downloaded the picture..

Chris says:

There is a face on the rightmost blood stain

thedarkwolfzearoth says:


thedarkwolfzearoth says:

I think he’s actually cute in his own way. I saved it on my HD because well if he does come to me in my dreams I think it’d be fun to meet him and I have semi-lucid dreams most of the time so I’ll be able to interact with him ^_^ Odds are I won’t have nightmares about him because I LOVE huskies. I don’t think a dog can be bad :) Everyone says a dog I know if vicious and I stink my hand in her mouth all the time and hug her when other people are afraid to get close to her.

Sebastian says:

“P.O” is simply a signature from the artist of this unnerving image.

Sebastian says:

I also have a theory on why it wasn’t featured on Wikipedia. There is obviously not much known about or smile.jpg. The paranormal side is mostly opinion, and Wikipedia is all about facts. I would be nice, however if they did do a page on them, if only to gather all of the information about both the story and the pictures.

Chris says:

omg i seen this pic forever ago i finally downloaded this pic cuz i wanna dream about it and hear noises O.o idk i like weird things(: i just dont wanna end up committing suicide like all the other people “say” that happened. wish me luck!

Rezzie says:

I dunno about this one. I mean, yeah, it’s really unnerving, but I don’t know If I will have nightmares about it. Then again, I just discovered it right now. It could be photoshopped, but then again, when the picture first surfaced in the internet, photoshop wasn’t that high-tech. So, like I said, I don’t know. It’s still incredibly creepy.

Avery says:

It means “pursuit and obey.”
This is true, now you know.

SheWolf says:

Hey guys. My friend emailed me this link to look at because he and I are horror finatics, and are always looking for a good scare. When I first looked at the picture, I couldn’t help but giggle. Because when you look at it at a glance, it looks like someone pasted some human teeth onto a dog. But then I kept looking at it. It doesn’t look like a dog. I mean, it may have the similar features of a dog… but it’s not. I have lived with dogs my entire life, and have never seen a creature so, honestly, horrific. The hand, to me, appears to be the master of this beast. And that’s all I have really decided out of this picture. And yes, the fact that we don’t know the origin of it is really quite mistifying, and it gives the picture a bit more of a spooky appearance. I will keep studying the picture,and try to figure it out, because, fake or not, it is a very interesting image.

Oogieboogie says:

Hey’a folks! Remember me?! =D

I posted earlier a ways down the comment list. Anyhoo… Been a while since I thought about this ole’ picture at all, and thought I’d pop in again and see if anyone else commented. PO… That’s an interesting thing I didn’t realize was in the picture (I finally found the hand of course BTW).

Never bothered to download the pic, but I can say this much folks. Likely coincidence, but what fun is it if you can’t add fuel to the fire? =D

After spending some time looking up stuff about it was almost as if the picture, the one here AND it’s red version were both following me around the internet. Cooky huh? =D

Nearly every image board I’ve visit for the next couple days I’d always end up finding a new post of one of the two Smile.jpg pics! That’s right, coincidence or not, the Smile dog was following me on the net, and it amused me to no end! What do you think folks? Should I download them next time if the pic starts “following” me again? >=D

Maria P says: has made no effect on me.

being able to evaluate the person I am, I have a strong liking of freaky and unusual things. I enjoy being scared out of my mind, or trying to find the scariest movie out there to keep my blood pumping. I’m trying to decide if I want to download it or not. I looked at this image approximately around 11:00PM last night and showed my mother it too, reading these stories I couldn’t help but have a small chill run down my spine.
She told me not to worry (as I told the story leaves and effect on you) because this is all just a load of ‘baloney’ and people only make things like this to scare you.
Oh, did I feel like she was wrong… being able to see that OTHER people are getting symptoms from this bizarre image, I’m feeling like my life has enough problems than to also deal with a smiling dog in my nightmares.
What is the story behind this?
Why do people get these nightmares?
What is PO?
Why a husky?
What do those bloody finger prints mean?

These questions, I must say have no true answer. But the only one I have my own theory for is the second one. “Why do people get the nightmares?”

Being able to know that nightmares and dreams come from what you are thinking about, that means your mind has been focused on one thing. And that is I believe that people are getting these mind tricking nightmares and thoughts is because we ARE afraid. We’re afraid that this is going to happen to us. And the only reason it IS happening to us, is because of that fear.

The human mind is a complex scenario that is played by mere tricks and games. Learning to play the game correctly is almost impossible. But I developed a way to survive this
And until my theory can be proven wrong, I will decide whether or not to download this image.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like someone to talk to.

Patrick says:

My theory on the hand is that as people have mentioned looked it just drew PO due to the blood it is not entirly unreasonable that he tried to draw police

raygunn says:

I think there’s something else beside the PO in the enhanced picture right above the “beckoning” -it looks like the index finger just finished writing it O.o

Ryan man says:

i stared at this in the dark, by my self for an hour straight, i havent downloaded it yet but i dont think i want to, i live in a fairly big house, 2 storys not including the basement. My computer is in my basement, and after the hour i started hearing dog nails walking against the hardwood floors, i dont have a dog. then when i went upstairs to investigate the same thing happened in the floor above but then all i heard with it was “smile! we cant have fun unless you smile!” i got freaked out grabbed my grandpas 12 gauge and locked myself in the bedroom, i know it may sound a bit childish but im 13. i dont know what i heard maby just in my head but i first stared at this pic last week and ever since ive heard the same voice but different words here is some that ive heard

these are all in a higher human echoed voice

“smile! we cant have fun unless you smile”
“bark bark bark, come on buddy smile”
these all occur in the same pattern.

on thursday i had a test i finished it and turned it into my teacher, the nexed day when she handed out the tests back i got an F because all that was on the paper was “” i swear on every thing i did not write that, this is my story

Very Interesting, I also was interested into “Smile Dog” Myth, Though when i seen the picture it did give me nightmares, but soon I though i saw the dog in my room beside my bed, Thinking it was my own dog sense i have a husky i went to pet him, Put then it grined and smiled until i Gasped seeing it looked like the smile dog! Then it left running out of the room. I contune to have nightmares but that one night will scare me the most.

Well this has definitely creeped me out…
It’s 7:29 in the morning, so I have a while before I sleep tonight. I’ll continue to examine the picture.
Great post.


-Sarabi V. Godfrey

jackie says:

Spider, you may have a yeast infection….

meee says:

apparently there are videos of people talking about this were they also ‘kill’ themselves, i dont think this is true but if anyone has a link i wanna see it :) x

Dark Ink says:

Well.. I felt emidiate effect from this photo. I get chills every time i look at it. Odly enough, five miutes of staring at this photo, i start hearing voices.. Well. I saved this picture… Cant wait to see how it effects my sleep.

Night~Creepers~Lie says:

When I first saw this photo, I thought…”This couldn’t be real” Just because of how the dog looked, but as I looked at it after a few minutes I found that there was a hidden hand in this photo…Creepy!! I couldn’t believe my own eyes, but I had seen it….even the inhanced photo proves my point….this has got to be something, something that normal people can not comprehend….it proves to me that there is a difference between fiction and reality…

Maile says:

OMG! They just showed this image on the news. I used to have a dog that smiled all the time especially when he was happy to see you. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t so freaked out about this image. If you’re shocked enough you’ll question in your head all day long whether or not it’s real. So it’ can easily enter into your dreams as it was something you thought about all day. Also, the more you think about it or look at it you realize there’s a lot of darkness in the image and it’s not a clear image so you associate it with something dark and evil. Suddenly the smiling dog itself becomes evil. The power of suggestion is pretty strong. If you’re one of the ones who thought of evil, well you really have to question just how strong your mind is and how easily influenced you are.

Felis says:

Nothing strange last night. Couldn’t rest well but I think it was because it was hot and my mind was going nonstop but there have been alot of things I’ve been dealing with so that is most likely the cause of that. The only other thing is when I did fall asleep I woke up with that wierd feeling once but it went away. I do have to say that I am sticking with the way the picture is set up for some people this might affect them in the same way certain video games do (thus the warnings on them) I wouldn’t have thought a still photo would but egh there are some optical illusion photos that do. Who knows. I think it bothers me more that it caused that affect for me and I was embarassed about it than anything but I can’t deny that it did (have an affect)

Curt says:

Read the story and looked at the picture, didn’t feel anything though… we’ll see what happens in my sleep =D

flower says:

nothing immediate happened when I saw the picture but afterwards I felt weird. nothing major and it might be the power of suggestion. will post a comment if I am further bothered

Felis says:

had to add maybe it is an affect of like if you are in a building and stairs are off kilter it can give you a feeling of something strange…like a fun house effect …trying to think how to put that and the words are not coming to me. Something that just causes you to feel off kilter though I will still say even so this thing made me feel strange.

Felis says:

crud I typed out this post and it was lost. I normaly do not feel anything when I see stuff like this. I have to say I did not read the story but I did have a strong reaction to the picture and it wasn’t the picture itself I’ve seen much much worse than a blurry photochopped pic of a husky this one got me though it had no affect on my husband. It gave me the same feeling as a thing (big black wolf type beast) I had nightmares about for years that were beyond normal nightmares. I would say that before I would have laughed but now I wish I could. I did not read the story nor did I download the pic. Hubby half joked about it but I do not want that thing on my computer.

TigerKitty says:

A few days ago my sister found some form of this. Of course, she showed our mother and me. I have been fine but my sister is thoroughly freaked. I have been looking for forms of this picture and enhancing them to look for clues of something real. So far all are fakes; already enhanced photos edited to be horror-movie-scary. If anyone has info or pictures that might help me stop this email me at

Cheese says:

I had a dream once. It was the red version of the dog, not this one. I had a fever of 103 or something and the flu made me miserable. It wasn’t a nightmare, it was more everything was in fast motion and then I’m passed out in the living room and IN COMES SMILE.DOG and sits by my futon mattress and takes a big bite out of my shoulders and then sits there and eats me. And the tone of the dream is like elevator music and I’m not scared at all. Just a nonchalant nomming buffet.

The following morning, I told my brother that I hoped he didn’t Impress a dragon. Oh the joys of fever.

mime490 says:

The picture has no effect, it’s all in the story. If your mind believes that the story is true, it will make it feel true. It’s really your head haunting yourselves.

I don’t want to doubt those who could possibly have seen a possessed version of it or something and are actually being haunted,but i highly doubt that this is real

Carnivorous M. says:

@Roflwarrior: You are freaking epic, and you deserve your name. Way to go! -high fives-

I think, if I have a Smiley-mare, I’m probably just going to start talking about Star Trek or singing an annoying pop song or something. Because nothing says ‘unfazeable’ like annoying an eldritch abomination (?) by singing Barbie Girl until its ears bleed. XD

Barney says:

All of you saying you felt something it’s called a placebo you are told you will feel get a seizure so you believe you will faggots.

Casper says:

I read the story that went with it then looked at the pic. Instantly I left like my stomach dropped and my spine went tingly, and felt slightly dizzy. Did anyone else feel like this? I havn’t dreampt about it yet ,but It does pop into my mind every so often..

hardyhar says:

nice. this has inspired me to make a movie about smile.jpg.

Roflwarrior says: is the wallpaper on my cell phone, and he actually brightens up my day each time I look at my phone. I’ve had a dream with the dog in it, and he was trying to haunt me, but I’ve done nothing but laugh and ask the dog,”Are you seriously haunting me right now? This urban legend can’t be serious.” My laughter shut the dog up, and then I woke up. I actually want to have another dream with this dog in it so I can pet him. I love huskies, and maybe this nightmare causing dog just needs some attention, like any other dog.

Loosy says:

My Friends suicide note said nothing but “smile dog”.
If that’s not creepy i dont know what is.

nullNvoid says:

Just found out about smile today. I am really excited to sleep tonight. It would be awesome if this is real.

It is just a self-induced effect though. The story is really well written to play psychological tricks on a person. Belief in the story carries it on.

Dazreiello says:

Has there even been any victims that have seen this image thought it was cool and downloaded it without even hearing about the story about it and still got the nightmares? I know there wouldnt be much of a way to find that out but was wondering if this had to do with more of something like, psychological manifestation at least I hope…

not to mention try pulling logic into mind, such as how would a file on a man made disk effect your soul. and if its a dog what exactly can it do that makes you so afraid of it? try asking yourself things like that, test it out, or believe that our spirits are infact more stronger.

I’m trying to be rebellious to it as you can see.

Mongomedia says:

…..This actually scared the shit out of me LOL

Clarmicle Weasle says:


Oogieboogie says:

You know, I only just learned about this myth today. Every site I’ve checked out this morning has been either the above picture we all see on the site, or of a different dog in a sort of, “evil world” with its face torn away.

Find them both to be creepy as hell, but I don’t see the hand that’s supposed to be in the picture. What I have noticed though which creeps me out, and ammuses me all at the same time, is that the pic on this site. If you stare at it long enough it almost looks like the dog in the picture is moving. =D

Annonymous says:

I do not wish to be know.. I first saw this picture in 2006. A friend wanted to test out the theory. So ofcourse me being the guiniepig I agreed to go along with. Everynight in my sleep I see, although it does not speak to me. I wake up in sweat and tears. I has now been 3 years or so and I am still having the dreams. SInce I saw this I have tried to take my life on more than one occassion. is not something to be taken lightly. I do not wish for anyone to go through what I am. So please for the sake of your own safety and well being do not carry this on.. I beg of you.

Rampand says:

The wierdest thing about it is that I’m more or less indifferent to the original picture when i see it on the screen. It’s when I go to bed that it starts… It has already ruined a few good nights of sleep. Of course, with time I suppose that it will go away.

The Fool says:

I must say- I’m glad I found some actual information on this topic. is indeed an elusive internet phenomena- though at first I didn’t believe in it. I thought it was similar to the likes of The Grifter or some other bull that 4chan had made up. That is- until I finally researched it.

I was astounded to find all the testimonies I did and had to check out the image myself- though I have as yet to put the image on my hard drive. Also- I believe I saw the fake picture mostly- this is the first version I’ve seen that looks like the one that was put up here.

Perhaps I will download this onto my hard drive- after all, I’m already telling everyone I know to look it up. Hopefully I can gather some more information in doing this… though I can truthfully say I almost subconciously tell people to look it up. I don’t even think about it when I do… But then again, I do the same thing with Slenderman.

Ah well, only time will tell the extent of the damage I’ve caused.

– The Fool

Goggie says:

As a strong beliver in the paranormal,I decided to try this out myself. One night after I downloaded it , I woke up to the dog standing at the end of my bed,I freaked out and ran out.when I went back in hours later he was gone. So the next day I downloaded the pic on to a floppy and destroyed it. I truly think this is real and I’m begging everyone please do not download this……monster

Danny says:


What does poison taste like?

Daimyo says:

I didnt believe in this urban legend and tested it myself. Ive had this original for a few months.
Its creeped me out, so i took the bull by the horns and made it my desktop wallpaper.
Nowadays i am not affraid of it anymore and all my friends know about it.
Also to liven up the mood on all *chan boards that take this for real ive posted this one many times and also some chanspeak photoshops.
Some seriously get freaked out because of the psyhological terror aspect,and have done a A+ graded 30 page research of this for my Psychology term assignment.
Anyway,thank you for the original,and the article was ace!

spider says:

This photo creeped me out pretty bad when I first saw it. When I woke up the next morning, my tongue had turned jet black and had a “furry” appearance. Everything tasted like poison.
This was 2 days ago.

barnie says:

Hey nice post …. Keep up the great work

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